975 Ultra Marine 10 18g - 20g
975 Ultra Marine 10 18g - 20g
975 Ultra Marine 10 18g - 20g
975 Ultra Marine 10 18g - 20g
975 Ultra Marine 10 18g - 20g

975 Ultra Marine 10 18g - 20g

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Target 975 Ultra Marine 10 soft darts with a tungsten content of 97.5%

The 975 Editions are inspired by the continuous development and innovation in the field of dart design. Target's pursuit of perfection is at its core.

The Ultra Marine is the latest edition within the 97.5% Tungsten range.

The barrel, inspired by elements of the Elysian 7th Edition, features a combination of unique and incredibly precise CNC machined grip profiles to create a dart of unrivaled excellence. The front and back of the barrel start with our Nano-Grip, with the front part connecting seamlessly to the Swiss Storm Nano tip, providing a perfect grip.

The handle then transitions into your high-precision crafted area found on the 7th Edition of the Elysian. A very detailed handle rarely seen on barrel designs. The handle section is then separated in the middle using a unique CNC multi-axis milling technique to provide a new handle profile.

The set is equipped with K-Flex Flights. K-Flex is a high performance flight and shaft system that utilizes Target's patented Twist System, providing a lightweight, durable, molded system that maintains the perfect 90 degree flight angle at all times.

The Ultra Marine darts are presented in a vibrant blue 975 presentation box and include a range of additional accessories to enhance your experience including:

3 barrels of 97,5% tungsten

3 K-Flex-Flights

3 Pixel Tips

1 Exclusive 975 Takoma bag not available separately

1 975 pin badge

1 Swiss Point Tool

2 sets of Target Swiss Conversion Points

1 975 booklets

97,5 %
46 mm
6,3 mm
6,40 mm
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